This is a multi-step process that can be complicated, and mitigating risks is important. By subdividing and developing your property, you can maximize your property’s value.  Putting much more money in your pocket.  However, there are many obstacles that will pop up along the way.  Land Management Solution will handle all of the details and headaches that come along with this process.  We also come along side of you to provide the funds needed to make any improvements to your property, that are necessary to get the highest value out of it’s sale.  We will bring a project from the initial planning stages to the final sale.  Property and land projects provide the opportunity to deliver a product that satisfies market demand. When executed well, your property will sale quicker and for more money.  Why sell your property at a discount to some developer? 

Let us help you get what your land is really worth, by cutting out the developer and putting their profits in your pocket. We have experience in many aspects of land development, providing a full range of consulting services for subdivision and land development planning and design. Looking at factors including ingress/egress, parking, traffic patterns, driveway locations, jurisdictions, permits, topography and buffering requirements all play a role. We have a sense of urgency with a can-do attitude, our analysis will anticipate situations to avoid problems before they occur. We ensure a fully-integrated concept that will position your project for success, exceeding the goals you have for your property.


A. Management of Subdivision Plotting & Planning

B. Administrate Engineering Surveying & Mapping of Land

C. Develop Sales Ready Lots with Support Marketing 



• Title & Legal Services Oversight

• Deed Restriction & POA Development

• Optional Off-Site Assistance (Utility & Road Improvements)

Associated Marketing Services:

• Ads placed on Internet land sites and retail consumer sites

• Put on the Multiple Listing Service

• Professional Photos & Graphics

• Brokerage & Management Team Sales Support